TESDA offers HRM to answer the demand abroad

TESDA Aklan recognize the demand of HRM graduate in UK, Canada and Middle Eastern countries - so they are now offering a Ladderized Education Program (LEP) as part of take tech-voc (technical-vocational) courses.

Syjuco also said that a tech-voc graduate has a better chance of landing a job either in the country on in the international job market as skilled workers compared to those who finish four or five-year college course.

According to him, tech-voc graduates are issued certificate of expertise which can be credited to the curriculum corresponding to level of one expertise should they pursue a college education.

Under the scheme, these students will obtain qualifications and required to undergo an assessment from TESDA. If the students pass the assessment, they will be issued a National Certificate (NC) Level II, which will already qualify them to apply for employment inside and outside the country specially United States, Canada, UK, NZ, AU and Singapore. (PIA)


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Hello my fello bloggers,

Does anyone of you knows the nursing schools that offer special program for second courser in nursing?

Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

pls. email me at jrpvicente@yahoo.com

are you in Luzon, Visayas or Mindano?

Hi to all....How and where i can apply for a tesda scholarship on HRM? Thanks so much in advance...benedict_duran@yahoo.com

hi everyone!

does anyone knows where to undergo seminar and training about making "tea"? If necessary near to my place in gensan or in davao but if not it still ok in any part of the philippines as long as i can study and get a certification about "tea" if u have an idea about my request kindly email me to this i.d Shemiles_2000@yahoo.com.

thanks and more power of this site.

Hi Folks, i am Currently studying at Tesda (Sorsogon City) i took up HRKPS (Hotel and Restaurant, Kitchen Services Production) i must say the lessons was quite hard.. and we do coocking and bking a lot.. well it's a good Course try it yourself.. :)

Add me on FB if you want ask me regarding on that Course. MYmelody_31@yahoo.com

Hi to all....How and where i can apply for a tesda scholarship on HRM? Thanks so much in advance dis is my account. Yhats.mel@yahoo.com