Where are the Foundations of Idealism and Perfection Now

Filipino Addiction to Computer GamesToday, human is living a brand new society with the culture that flourish in something more than what we called civilized. The new life has brought border less freedom and enjoyment that bring pleasure to present civilization. Life provides kaleidoscopic period that is full of excitement that even we, the young generation, have to compete with others just to ensue with the flow of contaminated course of living. The young ones are commission to continue the cultures along the chosen paths of our fore-fathers and yet we can no longer endure to follow the fading footsteps in the hallways of life and in the foundations of idealism and perfection. We are no longer expected to restore the relics of life.

The young generation as a whole in this present exemption is no longer worthy for the restoration of harmony for they believe that they are no longer worthy for the restoration of life varying world full of pleasures and vanities.

Restoring life is perchance hopeless for us who do not believe in future vintage that life would be renewed, but we still cannot judge yet for we still have the chance to render judgment of history based on what others have done too before engaging in the right condition and order of living. There are some people who can still comply with the flow of life because they believe in the essence of living. Those who are looking for the remedy which is required for life restoration can invigorate life to the fullest with great passion and can instill in the mind properly and in the way of living beyond everyone’s authority.

Internet ScandalAll we need to do is to fathom the inner self and be consoled with the enjoyment of others in the passage of times. Even though life turns upside down due to politics and economic problems and has been barely exposed to violence, chaos and much indulged pleasures among people with different races, today’s existence of the youth gives negative impact and it is the life itself that is defiled with impurities and dissipation's. Because of so much worldly pleasures, we certainly ruin others’ lives and destruct ones’ accomplishments. What shall we do then to restore and invigorate life? We should give importance to life for life itself gives us equal opportunities to experience the intrinsic nature of living.


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Where ARE the Foundations...