Congratulation Batch 2009

This is an opportunity to me to congratulate the graduates of school year 2008-2009 specially the high school graduates that will enter in college this opening.

I am going to suggest some courses that helpful to the HS students as they are now doubts on what career they should proceed. Most of the public school do not have guidance counselor and if they do, this counselor do not have enough information in the industry except the teaching professions.

Some Deped teachers are also guilty of not providing enough information regarding appropriate career for their students. Career advises is very important specially in the public school graduates since most of them are still under maturity and received incomplete education from their high school.

Giving tips to student about the career suited to them is very easy if the teachers are observant in their abilities and interest. The grades and projects will confirm the relationship between student’s interest and future career.

1. If the student gets the grade of 83% or up. With recognition of the training they receive from highly populated public school, I strongly recommend these students to get Engineering and/or Accountancy if they have basic comprehension on English. Other course that is highly relevant today is Information Technology. The grades in mathematics plus the student ability to instructions and their project performance is the best indicator that they are qualified to become Programmer and Network Engineer in the future.

2. If the students have 80% and up scores and satisfying creativity in arts. I strongly suggest taking fine arts, drafting or any arts related courses. These are the future web and graphics artist.

3. If the students are good in language and capable of creating stories I strongly recommend Mass Communication, Literature or any language related course including Marketing. This will become future "content writers" or "copy writer" which is in demand today due to Internet technology. They will become future online marketing writer for BPO companies.

4. For those who love traditional sciences, they can proceed with medical courses but please take note of this reminder. There are many jobless nursing graduates today so tell them to avoid statistics. Competitions are high and it might not give good result in the future. If your students are good in science, let them take Medical Technologies and become Scientist.

6. If the parents of the student have business. Please encourage them to get business courses. I know some retired professionals who can not enter business for they do not have knowledge or skills on entrepreneurship.

3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

...when it comes to career informations for students, this is already provided by colleges and universities which visit high schools for guidance on what appropriate courses the students could opt to take.

That should be the process but we all know it is not happening.

Who cares for our children?
It is only the parent and their teacher. No one really concern for their future as you can see the number of unemployed today. Lucky for those graduates from top 5 schools. How about the graduate of public school in far provinces. I know one school that has 50% of graduates without plan in pursuing college at all. Yet they have numbers. Big numbers

, .i would like to ask lang if when is the next filling of examinees for teachers board exam ? tnx