Why teacher should go for postgraduate studies?

Postgraduate students and programs are administered by several different areas. In the Philippines, graduate school program will enable students to take part in their studies from master’s degree to doctorate degree. The postgraduate coursework students is administered and run by the dean in the graduate school. For instance, a doctoral degree is by nature and tradition the highest certificate of membership in the academic community. As such, it is meant to indicate the presence of superior qualities of mind and intellectual interests of high attainments in a chosen field. It is not conferred merely as a certificate to a prescribed course of study and research, no matter how long or how faithfully pursued. All requirements and regulations leading to a doctoral degree are devices whereby a student may demonstrate present capacities and future promise for scholarly work.

Why should one go for postgraduate studies? What is the advantage in studying the graduate school? All of these questions can be answered by degrees based on the intensity and level of impressionability on the part of the inquisitors. A person must enroll in the graduate school for the reason that he or she better job opportunity and faster promotion with high salary given to a graduate in doctorate degree. Aside from this, one must go to graduate school because it helps him/her in professional growth and development.

There are a lot of advantages for those students enrolled in the graduate school. Some of these advantages are:

  1. Advanced studies with theories from popular philosophers in the field of Doctor of Philosophy and renowned educationalists in the field of Doctor of Education;
  2. Being a doctor is well-respected in terms of educational attainment and it gives one a high regard or reputation in the community;
  3. Authorship is the top priority in fulfilling the task to compose any original article about the theories to be published in a book or any dissertation for self-growth and promotion;
  4. The right and privilege to propagate new terms that are indispensable in the society and are standardized and approved worldwide by the people, especially the educators concerned about the welfare of individuals;
  5. The power to speak out in public and to be given freedom to speak based on the theories he or she has mastered in.


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