Teaching Method - Lecture Method

Lecture Method is the one of the oldest and overused teaching method. It is a procedure for explaining and clarifying a major concepts, ideas, theories, principles and laws. It makes use of exposition which may be a narration of descriptions. Owing to availability of teacher’s time in lesson’s preparation and working load, this method become the solution of teacher in the deliberation of day to day lessons.

These are some situation where the teacher forced to use the Lecture Method.

1. When the teacher can give effective information in 1 hour of lecture – demonstration what may be taken up by the class in 2 or 3 hours of laboratory work to reinforce learning. Science, Mathematics and Computer Education normally used these procedures.

2. When the availability of resource information is hard for the class to obtain.

3. When the topic is new and the teacher wants to show the birds eye view of the various works to come. It is always better for the student to expect the outcome and see the relevance of it so they will motivated throughout the unit.
4. When the generalization, conclusion or summary are needed for the closing of chapter or units

Factors: The teacher’s personality weighs great deals in the effectiveness of the lecture method. Good voice, pronunciation, enunciation, proper facial expression, gestures and manners are some factors affective the success of this method. Comprehension and appreciation of the topics is the measure of success of the lecture.

The lecture may serve as a very effective means of arousing appreciation. This is the method in which teacher could discover the student INTEREST which is guide for future career. A good teacher has to make record of unusual responses, questions and reaction from listener. This is a good indication of student inclination in the career appropriate for them.

The greatest valuation of this method is the violation of the famous learning by doing by John Dewey. The lecture may also be ineffective once it is overuse by the public or private teacher. In a part of the student or pupils, some may not know how to distinguish the important concepts from supporting ideas. Some listener are not good listener while they may not be able to analyze, summarize and create own conclusion based on the topic.


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Only intelligent students can learn from lectures.

it is time saving and helpful for students are auditary learners......... it can be motivational and inspirational