Guidelines in Accepting Computer Donation

DepEd Order 28 s. 2009

Guidelines in Accepting Information and Communication Technology Equipment and Internet Access Services for Classroom Instruction and Administrative Use

To all Concerned

Our schools through the years have been recipients of various ICT equipment. To complement/supplement the coverage of the DepEd computerization program priority should be given to ICT Equipment and Internet Access.

Before accepting any offering, the schools heads are required to coordinate with their respective Regional or Division ICT Coordinating Committee who are tasked to:

1. Coordinate and evaluate local ICT Programs and projects

2. Submit proposals to the Technical service - ICT Unit and ICT Technical Committee for evaluation and

3. Submit for approval by the ICT Governance Committee.

The Regional/Division ICT Coordinating Committee shall confirm that the donor has complied with the configurations endorsed by the following bureaus:

1 For Primary Schools, the BEE has endorsed the following configuration for multimedia classrooms

a. Computer hardware with Open Source operating system or Windows are acceptable
b. Internet Connectivity with minimum 384 kbps per unit

2. For Secondary School the BSE has endorsed the ff configuration;
a. Hardware with OS is preferable, the PPP-SKU licensing scheme must be used.
b. Minimum connectivity should be 384kbps/unit
c. Furthermore, the Regional/Division ICT Coordinating Committee shall validate if the equipment and internet service set conforms to the minimum specification.
d. The committee shall verify the existence of multimedia classroom or computer laboratory, stable supply of electricity, provision for air conditioning unit and qualified personnel to handle the equipment.

All the new equipment should have the following;

warranty certificates, shipping, delivery and installation manual. To assure product quality performance and reliability, the unit is preferably branded with ISO certified manufacturer.

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