DepEd Offials and the Noodles Story

Senator Mar Roxas lost his temper to some DepEd personnel during Senate hearing on DepEd feeding program. Since the beginning, the DepEd officials have published a press release about this issue claiming that there is nothing wrong in the purchased of noodles in last year's feeding program.
deped teachers and officials
During Senate hearing, it was learned the DepED officials purchased a Noodle pack at price of P15 peso while the market value in any store or malls for the noodle pack is between P5 to P7 pesos only. Based on Senator computation, there is discrepancy of P11 in the purchased of noodles last year.

On the otherhand, the Congress through the initiative of militant legislator proposed a separate house investigation on what he describe as "noodle scam".

Teodoro casino said the company who received the contract is Jeverps Manufacturing Corp for P19M worth of noodles this year that cost the Government P22 per pack.

He also rejected the claim of the company that the noodle pack do not have ingredients of eggs nor malungay after the test conducted by the experts from other Asian countries.

DepEd's officials said that it was not fair to compare the commercial noodles and the noodles procured by the DepEd because it is especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the pupils.

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So lumalabas ang noodle sa supermarket ay hindi nutritional sa mga bata?