Mr. Palengke and DepED Teacher's Author

Dear Teachers

Mar RoxasThe author of this blog together with other bloggers will have a meeting or a small conference with the Presidentiable Mar Roxas also known as Mr. Palengke. Meeting will be this coming Thursday afternoon.

The presidentiable through his staff is asking us to prepare question/s for him. As a teacher, i will be throwing questions about his plan in Education and how he can help solve the numerous teachers problem once he became president. I will also make a list of some complaint you provided in this blog before.

Now is your opportunity to raise questions too by leaving your questions here through comment in this blog, I will forward this to Mr. Palengke either verbally or written if the time permit.

So please start commenting now, give me your issues, concern, complain and whatever ideas you what to share with him. I could give some verbally while other will be in writing for we know there will be other concerns to be raised by participants/bloggers.

With the help of our friends in the Philippines Call Center Industry

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can you add me in your link exchange... I already added you in my link exchange... my blog address is this:

noted dong. this sat land kay busy

I wonder with our teachers why they did not raise the question now.

Maybe because of the opening of classes and everyone is busy as usual with classroom decoration, lesson preparation, planning and program.

Your right!
I'm not yet done decorating (hehehe) especially now I'm the new computer teacher. I have to check all computers first if its still working and virus free.

Pls add me