Congress Approved CON ASS while Rejected P9000 Teachers Salary Increase

Last month the Congress approved the increase of teacher’s salary by 6000 which will be implemented in gradual basis. The complete salary increase will be received after 4 years from now. The original proposal is P9000 salary increase but these good Congressman approved only P6000 while they get (Congressman, President, Department Directors etc) 100% salary increase. They even congratulate each other after they succeeded in reducing the proposed salary increase from P9000 to P6000.

While the best day of the year is the winning of Manny Pacquiao in boxing against the British in eyes of the whole world, the loneliest day in the Philippines not only to the DepEd teachers but to all citizen is the approval of the CON ASS also know as the resolution calling upon members of the Congress to convene for the purpose of making a proposal to amend or revise the 1987 Constitution. The required number of votes to pass this bill resolution number 1109 is 75% of the house members.

We all know that the terms of these TRAPO politician is going to end this coming 2010. It seems they do not want to leave their individual position by planning to extent more their 3 consecutive years and most specially the extension of the President.

Several sectors like church, political and militant groups already calling for the major rallies while the Senators decried the passage of this bill because they thought the Congress bypassed them. We just hope that this congressman will work on law about investment and development and not on laws that extent their political dynasty.

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Whatever happened to the Philippines? It is so depressing that much needed laws are left unattended by our lawmakers. I hope this time we will be more intelligent in choosing our next congressman. The one who will truly represent us...

that the greated CRAP i've ever heard WTF! they really dont give a damn sa mga teachers! mga bulsa nila ang pinapataba nila kaya i say NO TO CON ASS! spread this to others... they sacrificed the plight of the teachers just to feed their greed of the pork barrel!

Pinaliit nila ang salary increase pero pinalalaki nila ang terminos. Magaling

Teacher should have a starting salary of Php18,000. I really don't know why teacher's starting salary is under Php10,000.

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naa ka sa list sir... ahehehehehehe

I think we should appreciate and give good credits to the teachers. We all know that they are very important people in the community.

dapat gyud padak an ang sweldo sa teachers uy... comment by: The Rookie Blogger