Should we allow Photoshop and other editing tools to be integrated into the highschool curicullum?

Photoshop is the world best Photo Editing Software. It was being teach in IT students, marketing and all courses related to graphics and arts.

Since the high school have Arts Education, good teacher who follow the trends and latest technology (as mandated by consti) started to integrate image editing in their classes. Since the end of the 1990, i have seen high school student in Private school studying Corel Photo Editor. Public school specially those schools with computers started to teach this program.

I also teach this application to keep my student updated. This one is my student work

I called this Edukasyong Pangkabuhayan. Time reduce our time to produce more since DepED provided TLE with 60 minutes a day only at 1:2 ration.

If you are interested to see more student output please visit here. I do not update this anymore so do not look for the latest.

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is there a need of such curriculum? or is there a circular, memos, etc. of such integration?

The curriculum for VocTech school will have programming, animation (which include photo editing), hardware maintenance and internet technology.

But if you realize that the traditional paper and pen/color drawing is now just an introduction. Industry now utilizing computer to product quality and fast images

that's great! students will be competitive in the IT industry.

I really believe that this should be taught to high school students. This is a very helpful tool for them.

I agree, this should be taught to students. I'm exploring myself to photography and I'm teaching myself how to use photoshop CS3. It's indeed very useful now a days. But it should be use for good purpose. LOL!!!! You know, what I mean.