What is the Impact of Teaching Rizal in the life of today's Professionals

Young Jose RizalThis morning I came across with two blog sites that discuss both positive and negative about the teaching and life of Jose Rizal.

The first one is written by UP ComSci student for his subject Rizal. The title of the blog article is "Ten Things I Like and Dislike About Jose Rizal". Since this guy is consider as member of new generation yet intelligent, the concept of his understanding about Rizal is somewhat modern and realistic. Some characteristic he like to Jose Rizal are the following;

He had one word. This is about the opportunity to escape from being arrested by Spanish authorities. If this is today, he left already like what our politician did whenever they have warrant of arrest. On the other hand, he do not like Rizal because of being womanizer. That is true and until now many famous and model personalities in our country are womanizer too.

Another blog site which is own by unknown university professor specialize in Philosophy if I am correct. She is is complaining with her superior or to somebody why she have to teach Jose Rizal or other way "Jose Rizal, bakit ka namin dapat pag aralan" to be 90% exact. Being a professionals with Philosophical orientation you could expect the content of her writings too. Some of her concept about teaching Rizal and his works as subject or topics from Elementary to College;

  • The question of why we need to study Rizal remains. Some people point out Rizal is the greatest Filipino hero. But is he? It is very unfortunate that bookstores abound with texts on Rizal as the greatest Filipino to ever live.
  • I do not see how memorizing Rizal’s life and agreeing that he is the greatest hero will lead to a better love for one’s country and to being a better citizen. But this is how non-history majors will typically teach Rizal course; and while the philosophy major who is interested in history can elevate it, in an institution which makes English majors teach Rizal course she will be expected to teach it as other teach it.
With this two article about Jose Rizal, I wonder if there are teachers, MA's or Phd's that already submit a thesis or dissertation about the Impact of life and works of Jose Rizal after learning in as a college and high school subject. We all know that Noli Me Tangere and El Felibusterismo are being taught in high school either part of subject or part of the units in Filipino.

I am not concern with the impact of this course to the students either college or high school. I am not also concern about the impact of the content of Rizal related contents to the teachers and those people in the academe. I am interested to learn about the relevance of teaching this subjects or content to the present day PROFESSIONALS. Yes I am after the Engineers, doctors, nurses, Philippines call center workers, programmers, accountant, clerk, salesman, warehouseman, factory workers, managers, supervisors in the industry. After all they have constituted to bigger population that drives the country's culture where the life and works of Jose Rizal could be use as a model. Can we throw Rizal's life and works related questions to carpenters and fisherman?

Pardon me for my ignorance in English language for I am not Jose Rizal and I blame it to my English Teachers.

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I guess Rizal has so much lessons in store for all of us, from any walk of life. We just probably need to go deeper. :)

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I used that title because that was what we called the Rizal course P.I. 100 back in college. (I think UP students still do) It stood for Philippine Institution 100.