DepEd Memorandum 314 - The Global Filipino Mind

DepEd Memo 314 s 2009

The Global Filipino Mind

To all DepED Mentors.

The Marylindbert Intl in cooperation with the Globe Telecom Philippines and the DepED has come up with a project " The Global Filipino Mind, A Comprehensive School Program". This is an advocacy program on helping shape and enhance every Filipino student into a Global Mind.

2. The program advocates to produce Filipino students attuned globally in the 6 basic proficiencies, English, Math, Science, Current Events, Music and Arts and the Psychology of Relationship. TO be launched on Sept 2009.

3. An integral part of the advocacy is a livelihood program where entrepreneurship takes center stage. It is aimed at helping raise additional school funds. Public and private school as well as teachers cooperatives are encouraged to participate in the livelihood program.

For more details. 897-5052 or 8797442


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