DepED Order - Minimum Tools and Equipment for Voc Tech HS

DepED Order 73, S 2009

Prescribing the Minimum Tools and Equipment Standards for Technical-Vocational Public High Schools.

This is to prescribe the minimum DepEd requirement of tools and equipment for various Technical Vocational laboratories in the public Tech Voc High School in the country.

The said set of tools and equipment is the complete enumeration of the minimum DepEd standard tools and equipment necessary to effectively implement the competency based curriculum for the 21 areas of specialization such as automotive, machining, plumbing, refrigeration and air-conditioning, welding, building construction, computer hardware servicing, electricity, electronics, furniture and cabinet making, food trades, cosmetology, garments, animal production, crop production, food processing, horticulture, fish capture, fish culture, food and fish processing and technical drawing.

FOr more details of the list please visit here.


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we are embarking on a UbD (understanding by design) model this year. The thing is, I need a matrix for Art in high school. Would you happen to have a copy?

At least the government have prescribe tools which can we consider at minimum standard.

It only means cost and quality of student training

Hi Teacher Rolly,

We usually create teacher made matrix. It is not standard and based only on our own judgment.


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