HS Training Workshop about Integrating Democracy in the Classroom

DepEd Advisory No.165 s 2009


The Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy and the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc with he support of the University of Asia and the Pacific through the Institute of Political Economy and the Center for Civic Education based in Calabasas California USA will hold the project Citizen Philippines 2009.

Project Citizen is an international program, developed by the Center for Civic Education in the United State for increasing democratic participation, political efficacy and civic engagement levels of students at the high school level. It is a pedagogy that systematically trains the teacher-moderators in embedding education for democracy in the classroom while simultaneously providing a venue for student s to participate in community problem solving and applying their lessons in citizenship in real life. Thus it aims to connect the classroom learning of students on their rights and duties as citizens with the community work that immerses them in real world experience. In the process, they develop support for democratic values and principles,tolerance, and feeling of political efficacy. In connection with the project, training workshops will be provided for public secondary school teachers at the University of Asia and the Pacific campus on the following dates:

July 9 11 Batch 1 NCR Telengtan Hall UA&P
July 30 - Aug 1 Batch 2 Greater Manila Telengtan Hall, UA&P

Meal and training materials will be provided free of charge while transportation and lodging will be charge to personal funds.

For inquiry, contact Monica Ang at 02- 637-0912 locs 323 and 339. Email:citizenship.ph@gmail.com

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