Performance Appraisal System for Teachers

DepED Memorandum 306 s 2009

National Consultative Workshop on the Competency Based Performance Appraisal System for Teachers

1. Pursuant to DepED Order no 32 s 2009 entitled National Adoption and Implementation of National Competency Based Teacher Standards Teachers Strengths and Training Needs Assessment and Individual Plan for Professional Development for Teachers and Integration of Its System Operations in the Overall Program for Continuing Teacher Capacity Building, The Teachers Education Development Program Technical Working Group will conduct the National Consultative Workshop on the Competency Based Performance Appraisal System for Teachers in 2 clusters on the following dates and venues:

2. The workshop aims to craft a competency based PAST involving teachers, instructional leaders and other stakeholders, internalize and functions and responsibilities of regional, division and district school heads and instructional leaders as defined in Republic Act No 9155 and provide support to the teachers enhancement of their competencies and professional development to achieve improved educational outcomes.

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hi:) do you know any internet resources for grade school reading ang language teachers? thanks :)

Hi Jerson,

for list of Educational resources, you can find some at this site


Hi! your blog is very informative. its a great help to us. I just want to ask if you know this PAST worksheet 1. We are ask to accomplished this at the end of every school year. I doubt the formula we are ask to use in computing PL ( Performance Level). Can you help me find the correct formula?


I read this post 2 times. It is very useful.

Pls try to keep posting.

Let me show other source that may be good for community.

Source: Performance appraisal techniques

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Good pm. Hello. I am a secondary school Head and wanted to have access on the Competency-Based Performance Appraisal System for Teachers template for our school. Can you post the template for our easy access on the web? More school heads wanted to see the template also. thanks and more power.

Hello! Do you know any website about PAST and PASA??? Thank you!

PAST for promotions uses a general form to be accomplished and then the documentary evidences ( accompanying docs/ annexes) that goes with it. Excluding the privileges of formal education/units acquired/academics/( not the so called CAR)which remains as such, is it true that documents used then for a prior promotion application should NOT be used again nor be admitted by the concerned office only that newly acquired docs can be used? How will the DepEd offices compare the legality of such evidences, specifically the local ones, submitted? is honesty enough?

Is it right that the schoolhead is the one who rates the teachers?

do you have the primer of the performance appraisal system for teachers?