Philippines International Mathematics Competition 2009

The Mathematics Trainers Guild of the Philippines will host the 2009 Asia Inter Cities Teenagers Mathematics Olympia and the 2009 Philippines Elementary Mathematics International Contest dubbed as the Philippine International Mathematics Competitions 2009 to be held from Nov 28 to Dec 2 2009 in Iloilo City

Participants of these competition are students, coaches,math educators and parents from 30 countries in ASIA, AFRICA, North America, Australia and Europe.

Alongside with these event, regional and national Mathematics contests based on international rules will be conducted for Mathematics gifted local public and private schools students who have never experience joining international Mathematics competitions.

For more info on venue and guidelines of the contest contact Mr Simo Chua at or 0917-3246302.

DepEd Memo 338, S.2009

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3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

wow... kaya lang i am not good in math now..heheh para ra na sa mga students..
Before... mau kog math pero karon wa na.hehhe

Wow Mathematician na writer pa. Nice

This is another great addition to showcase the math prowess of our students and to see further developments of the subject.