Teacher's ICT Workshop and Conference 2009

DepEd Memo 239, s.2009

UNESCO Next generation of Teachers: First Philippines Conference on ICT in Teacher Education.

The conference will be helod in different venues with the following planned parallel workshops: Peer Coaching, Intel Teach: Web 2.0 Tools, ICT Integration and Curriculum Development.

The UP College of Education will conduce the UNESCO Next Generation of Teachers: Fist Philippines Conference on Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Teacher Education on Oct 26-30, 2009 at UP Diliman, QC.

The objectives are enhance participants skills in ICT integration in teaching and learning, develop action plan in implementing and sharing acquired ICT skills and plan collaborative research on integrating technology in instruction.

participants are teachers and school administrators from public and private schools.

Registration fee is P4000. Pls contact Dr. Vivien Talisayon, Dean of UP College of Education at 02-981-8500 or email:ced@up.edu.ph.

DepEd Memo 239, s.2009

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my dream before was to become a teacher. but then again.. as I have observed that we are fully loaded with teachers here.hehehe

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