Information Technology bill Being Push

The Philippine Technology Act of 2009 is a new bill created by Mar Roxas to serve as blue print in the government investment in IT and R&D.

Public School Computer Room
He said there is a need to push the country's IT's and R&D capacity in mastering latest technology and scientific innovation is the key to Philippines economic progress. He proposed that IT projects and new innovations should be made public and accessible for faster commercialization.

We should recall that the US military already have the internet for their intelligence purposes way back cold war days. When they open the technology in public commercialization through the help of US Senator and former VP, the Information Superhighway became unstoppable to max that it benefited most Philippines call center as well as call center in India and Mexico for spanish market together with less fortunate European countries. One Internet technology Guru said the IT innovation is alarming that there is always arena for development in which  government may not capable to control specially like those under  develop countries as  we are.

This Technology Transfer Act of 2009 will helps the distribution and commercialization of intellectual property and technology researched funded by the government for the purpose of economic growth through information technology where Philippines outsourcing companies and local IT companies are expected to enjoy the benefits.

The DepED family specially the pupils, students and its teachers will be the most benefited of any improvement of technology. As of now, there is no research on the prevalence of ICT integration in the school. How many schools are implementing integration and how many teachers per school are capable of ICT integration in their classes. While PowerPoint presentation and Internet are the best tools for the subject like Araling Panlipunan and Technology and Livelihood Education, I have seen teachers not optimizing the used of these technologies. Some said they lack of computers even the computers are there even it is 1:4 ratio, it is still functional to the lesson. What is see in this issue in my 5 years as ICT Trainor is the knowledge and skills of teacher to integrate the lesson with ICT and not just leaving the computer inside the classroom giving more traffics to youtube, facebook, friendster and many more.


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I.T. bill being push..that's good. it was mention that, teachers will adapt to the diverse culture of techonology in teaching...hmmmmp...with 1:4 ratio? I gues it's very impossible in the public school which have 5 computer units and 3000 pupils... though it's a CHALLENGE!

Mar Roxas and Aquino tandem is probably the best combination in the Philippines history.

I think public school teachers should invest to buy laptop or desktop on their own so they can use their knowledge they learned from IT trainings. And they can explore more if they have internet access at home.

Laptop is luxury my dear. What the teachers needed is quality desktop and quality training. The HS teacher should start advancing their lesson since IT technology is advancing too. Before, IT specialist enjoy the power of Javascript yet now it is JQUERY that they are practicing.

I strongly agree with rlespanar that it is quite indeed a CHALLENGE for all of us teacher be innovative and be resourceful as well. Aside from hoping for what will the government will/might provide for, we should tap resources around our community local gov't, alumni, barangay resources etc. I am a strong advocate of integrating ICT in education. In fact, I've been inspired by a teacher using 1:50 students ratio of computer, that teacher is a real and great model of how a modern teacher should be innovative, creative and resourceful.

Hi..I think this is good. But i don't know if primary schools are included.But anyway, i will give you guys clue. We installed computer rooms in Nabua District. It has 20 and 24 units respectively. Both are operating as Computer Literacy Program (CLP) for elementary school students. And we have plans to integrate ICT program for them also. Our website

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there were IT trainings made in our school but I have observed that the effort conducting the training bacame useless because there were no constant practice in the use of the computer on the part of the teachers..remember that constant practice makes perfect..teachers are eager to learn...there are computers in our school but as others here are experiencing we dont have enough computers available in our school and besides teachers are spending all their time teaching when they are in school..if teachers have computer of their own,I think they could learn more when they are at home...tha danger is that,they might learn FB, Friendster and other social networking ahead than learning how to compute grades using the computer...but I believe those are only for past time!

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