A need for SciTech Curriculum in every town of the country

A total of 57 Special Science Elementary Schools were given financial assistance by the Department of Education to support science curriculum and programs. The strengthened SSES Project has been allocated P26.5M as financial assistance to the project's existing 57 pilot schools and their respective region and division offices.

The 57 schools piloted in 16 regions will be allocated some P418,421 each. The regions will be allotted P82,812 for the upgrading of SSES classes, the provision of the technical assistance, and the final screening of new students to be conducted by the Regional Assessment Team.
Education Secretary noted that only 44 percent of high school graduates pursue science and engineering-related courses.

Meanwhile, the amount granted for each school will be used for the training and professional upgrading of teachers and school heads; purchase of instructional materials; pupil development activities such as conduct of investigatory project development, leadership, training, educational visits and student participation in Science related activities.

Lapus affirmed, "A strong science and technology- based education is the foundation of a progressive society and we have to set our eyes towards that goal,"

The program started in the pilot schools at Grades 1 and 2 having enriched curriculum. In 2008, SSES Project has finalized SSES Curriculum up to Grade 3-6 already. "Teachers and school administrators were actively oriented on SSES implementation," she added. SSES offer longer hours in Science while still maintaining the same subjects like ordinary elementary schools.

Maybe the Secretary still do not recognize the need to have science elementary and high school in every town in the Philippines. Some division have been running science elementary and high school curriculum since 1996 (or earlier) with less support from National Government.

Apart from Science and Mathematics training, the DepEd should not forget to strengthen the values formation program for this intelligent pupils/student are vulnerable to arrogance owing to their academic achievements. In my years of service as IT Teacher in Science High School, I have observed bright student's growth from first to fourth year. Success and Achievements make some of them non-deserving leaders. DepEd should give time weaving a curriculum that stress scientific knowledge and God fearing character in order to avoid corrupt leaders in the future.


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Maybe that's just what we need. Start them young. Values formation for some government officials is a little late :-)

I had suggested this idea to our lead secondary principals to offer science curriculum in their respective towns but too few responded. You know, it is just very easy to do this thing, all they have to do is make a request address to the SDS attaching a list of available teachers to teach the added Math and Science subjects then the SDS will forward the request to the regional office, and if approved, then the school can now offer even just a one section science curriculum to qualified students in their town. The rest of the sections will still follow the BEC. Anyway, their Secondary Math and Science supervisors will gladly assist them if they will request.

It is always depends on SDS priorities. If the SDS is not Science or Math major more like the proposal will not prosper

When do you plan to put Special Science Elementary School in Valenzuela City.

Valenzuela City Science High School is performing well, so I think Valenzuela is ready for it na.

Hope next school year meron na.

Its a very good program for the students, but problem is many parents
removed their children from science class because the books are expensive and some parents could not afford.

Science Elementary and high school will have 2 section only. Therefore only those interested and value the importance of science education will be given the chance.

Parent need to invest on Education if they want to change the way of their lifes

can someone provide me a copy of learning competencies used in SSES science???