Teacher's Should be Equip with a Caliber of Intelligence and a Vast Repertoire of Experiences

DepEd Supervisor and PrincipalsAcademic excellence is indispensable to a quality of education. Teacher in any public and private school should equip with a caliber of intelligence and a vast repertoire of experiences. He is an agent for change. Education lies in his capability to develop things into perspectives. In general, the teacher should be a model of everything.

Quality of education is very important nowadays. In order to upgrade the standard of the learning institution, see to it that the teacher-applicants must pass the criteria for eligibility issued by PRC through CHED, in support of DEP ED for approval. It’s hard to find ones at present with utmost dedication and integrity of their professions. That’s why the school must accept negative articles to whoever writers put them on a little bit ambiguity. The purpose is not to degrade or defame the school but to put it on a high pedestal by checking irregularities through constructive criticisms.

Integrity of the professions, as well as disciplines that will provide quality of education for the nation is consequently the fundamental mileage geared towards deregulation and reorientation of programs for teaching competencies. Integrity sustains professional upgrading or development not only of the professionals but also of the teachers through revitalization of existing school-based and structured-learning action cells. Entry to the teaching profession shall commence with a teacher profile program. A career progression scheme for teachers, administrators and specialists shall be developed. Relatively, this is the denouement of disciplines paving the way for academic excellence.

Filipino Teachers in STEPThe most important factor in attaining quality of education is the teacher for he is the central figure in all teaching activities and the child is the heart of the matter. The teacher takes over the starring role of leading the young under his charge to become useful, upright and law-abiding member of the society. The teacher’s role and responsibility is to serve as value developer, model and advocate. He acts as adviser, facilitator, friend, parent or even architect. In other words, the teacher is to be called an agent of change. The change that can forever help all the learners and even the people within the community to augment in terms of financial and physical aids for the benefits of everybody.

The teacher’s role, therefore, in our society is very wide enough and he is considered the most important factor in the attainment of quality of education. He possesses love, patience, kindness and understanding to the needs of the children and the community. He works well with the barangay officials, religious and civic leaders. He attends community assemblies, workshops and seminars. He encourages food production and acts as model to have tangible projects.

So, with many challenges that confront our country, let’s move forward in unity and strive for the improvement on the quality of education and for the realization of vision of the Philippines which means that education will not have only achieved that quality long-sought for and desired by everyone but most importantly, education by then will be globally competitive. Teachers are the implementers of the system. We should be proud of our teachers. Our future lies in them.


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Hi Cebuanong Hilaw,
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I like your blog. Very informative. How long na ka sa blogging diay?
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teachers are very essential to the countrys future. it's good that they are trained once in a while to upgrade teaching methods.