Teacher's Month - Suggested Activities

2009 Teacher's Month Campaign - Suggested Activities

All public and private elementary and secondary schools are encouraged to cooperate in the campaign through the following:
  1. During the month, everyone who has ever been a student is invited to say "THANK  YOU" to at least one 1 teacher who has made a difference in his or her life. Students can write a letter, send a card or offer a gift;
  2. Schools may conduct special activities to honor teachers during the one month period and a major event on October 5 2009.
  3. Schools can help disseminated information on the campaign and feature stories or write ups of teaching/teachers through their school organs/papers and websites;
  4. classroom-teacher
  5. Schools can tap their Alumni Associations, PTA, SSG and other school based clubs or organization to initiate their own projects in support of the campaign;
  6. Insofar as practicable and possible, all DepEd Division shall mobilize the support of the community in paying tribute to teachers (such as commercial and retail outlet can offer discounts and freebies or special promo for teachers for  a period during the month leading to Oct 5) and
  7. Schools shall hang stress / tarpaulins honoring teachers during the month long celebration.

All DepEd Officials are encouraged to actively lead all activities for this month long event for teachers. Immediate and wide dissemintaion of this DepED Momorandum is desired.

 DepEd Memo 378 s. 2009

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