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DepEd Updates

The DepED recognizes the effect of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng to the Filipino families specially the pupuils and student of public school. The department released a memorandum to all DepEd Officials reminding them not to engage in lavish school celebrations and festivities.

This also means DepED Teachers are not allowed to require student with expensive projects and requirements. Since January this year, at the onset of crisis the government issued to all public offices an order instructing all government officials to take budget tightening.

Unfortunately, if you can see that DepEd Teacher's night celebration during town fiesta you will recognize right away that DepEd memos are not followed strictly.

In liue of the memo, we are hoping once again to all DepED Officials to recognize the Central Office Memorandum about extravagant school activities and excessive projects to the student.

DepEd is currently in the process of rehabilitation for all classroom damage by the typhoon and giving priority assistance to all affected Deped teachers and non-teaching staff.

DepEd Updates


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1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

I would like to agree on what has been said from the blog.That the school or even the teachers should only require projects that are less expensive and reasonable. I have my cousin studying at a public school because his parents can't afford too much expenses when he's at private school. But the point here is, yes he's at public school but then almost everyday my cousin asks for payments for school papers made by the teachers or the teachers are giving assignments are not found in the books provided by the school. SO my cousin needs to go to the internet cafe to search.he can't go and visit the library anymore because there's no enough time for them to go. they are just given 30 mins for their lunch break. Can someone help me out here. pls explain why is this happening to public schools/teachers?