Some Career that a Teacher can Recommend to the Students

The following are top 10 ideal careers in America due to salary and availability of the position today and in the future. It includes the work description and tells why they are the ideal job in US market today and tomorrow. For those high school graduates planning to have career in foreign land must consider some of the career in the list.

1. Systems Engineer - The experience system engineer in US will receive $87,000 while head system engineer can take as much as $130,000. System engineer combine the school of being, personal to network computer technician which handle large scale servers. They will maintain not only the hardware but also the data stored in the servers. System Engineers make sure the security and architecture of employees access to the server is well managed to preserve the quality of information to the company. System Engineers makes sure the server is back up all the time since US companies do not use paper and printed document anymore. Firewalls need to be updated to prevent hackers and hardware integrity need to be always in the best working condition, fast and reliable transfer of data that could serves both employees and customer 24/7 across the globe. The local version or introductory version for this career is Computer Engineering.

Its disadvantage is the schedule of work. Some engineers have to work on 2nd and 3rd shift. They are also required to work during holidays since worldwide customers have varied holidays and working schedules.

2. Physician Assistant - these employees receives $90,000 to $124,000. They were call elite Medical Doctors. In Philippines we call them residence doctors who receive instructions from consultants. They treat and monitor the patients but they do have bigger autonomy and less responsibility than the Consultant or specialist Doctors since the consultant decide what to do with the patients medication process.

3. College Professor can receive between $70,000 and $150,000. Less risk and pressured occupation as long as there are continuous growth in learning. Most college and universities required only mastered degree. There is ample time to prepare the lesson and when the Profs got mastered with they subject matter due to yearly teaching experiences they will have enough time for leisure activity plus the longer paid vacation during summer. They also have free use of school facilities and more benefits to family members.

4. Nurse - That is why Filipino’s wanted to become nurse in US. Salary range $85,000 to $113,000. Nurses in US have advanced medical training and they issue medication even without consultation from Doctors which is in contrast to Philippines. US nurse can have specialization live emergency room nurse, operating nurse, oncology nurse and more. Due to increasing number of aging population in US, the career opportunity for nurses is growing too.

5. Project Managers - This is information technology related career that could receive $98,000 to $400,000. Project Managers are person in charge of planning; identifying, monitoring and evaluating problems meet in the day by day operations. If a regular accountant identifies report problems in the accounting system, he or she will ask the project managers to handle the problem through identification of problems in the database, assigning project to programmers, assigning accounting clerk for testing and evaluating new programs if it work with the demand of the Accountant.This are IT related courses in the Philippines known as BSIT or BS Computer Science.

Companies do not want regular employees to monitor projects related to solution of the problems. Often time project managers understood both sales process and programming protocols. There is a need to relate to its other which regular customer service could not express well.

6. Certified Public Accountant receives $74,200 to 138,000. CPA's are traditional career that handle the finances and accounting of the company. The technicality of bookkeeping oftentimes required specific CPA to handle jobs. Accountancy remains the most stable career both in local and foreign land.

7. Physician Therapist receives $74,300 to $68,100. The existence of this career is due to the aging population. They can extent the life of those retired workers that stays or not in the home for the ages. Other customers for the therapist are famous athletes and drivers who just survive vehicular accidents. Graduate of Therapist have big opportunity in US. The only problem is how to get there with working visas.

8. Computer or Network Security Consultant receives $99,700 to $152,000 and they protect the companies’ databases against hackers, spy ware and viruses. Security consultant is expert programmers who understand the behavior of most programming language the architecture of server’s storage system. Good Network Security Consultant is former hackers too. If the programmers learn to break security, they start to understand the system weakness. Even the giant Microsoft system is frequently hacked. Recently, the head of US FBI almost became victim of unsecured internet transaction. They arrested 100 of hackers from Romania and Egypt’s that targeted US financial companies.

9. Intelligent Analyst receives $82,500 to $115,000. This is sensitive position for military and US intelligence department. They spy in your emails, call and text, pictures and movement in the streets and more.

10. Sales Director receives $140,000 to $239,000. These are experience professional that understand the demand of the market. They often time decides on what the sales campaign should the company compete. They identify future market and create new products for the market. This people bring profits to the company. Experience Inbound call center managers know already how US market works. They have the best opportunity to become successful business leader in the main land.


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2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

The post is very helpful to students who are still not certain about the career they want to specialize in. Not only does the list provide alternative career options, but also give affirmations to careers that have proven to be profitable.

Why not recommend Primary and Secondary Teaching? Is it because teachers get poor pay? These recommendations all seem to be based on salary (and they are even in dollars, which sends the message that our youth should look for jobs abroad, further draining our country's intellectual capital). I believe that there jobs (or more aptly, vocations) that are more satisfying than the monetary rewards they offer. A teacher, above all, should know. A teacher should recommend a career not based on salary but on the student's interest and competence. If a student who has no interest in health care would try a career as a physician's assistant because it pays in dollar, imagine what kind of professional he/she would be? A teacher should know that a job is not just about the salary. Unless of course that teacher is just after money. If that's the case, then he should start thinking about a career in nursing.