Whare are the 12 Little Things a Teacher can Do to Help Our Country

I found a blog post about the interview of the famous travel blog Dongism to Alexander Lacson. I do not know this man but Dong will not spend his time if this man is just ordinary one.

Continuing reading, i learned that this man is the author of the book entitled “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country". The title itself can raise your consciousness since this could be controversial owing to the number of problems in our country and everyone wanted to be the president.

The Dong's interview did not said or discuss about the content of the book. What they pointed out is the 2nd and 3rd book as a follow up of the first version. The title of the 2nd book is “The Wisdom of our Race. The Wisdom of the Filipino” and the 3rd title is "Eight (8) Wonderful Things We Should Know Why We Should Be Proud as Filipinos".

So what is the relevant of this book to the Filipinos? None for those matured common folks. Let us be realistic, common drivers, common farmers, common vendors, small sari sari stores, ordinary clerk, house wives in barangay areas and even professionals like executives, lawyers, doctors and teachers. If a man working more than 20 years and still did not see positive improvement in their lives, i believed you can not raise their nationalism anymore...... Yes this book is useless to them....

So who should have this book? The new teachers from private or public schools are the best option.  Definitely not the DepEd Teachers that serves more than 10 years. Yes I refer to the newly hired teachers who are still between in their 1st year to 5 years in service. Their idealism and nationalism are high that they are normally sacrificing even their own family time for the career and to the love of teaching.

I believed that new teachers below 10 years of service are still an agent of change for student/pupils. They are willing to give extra effort to push their student to their best in discovering individual talents. Some may not agree and i understand, my knowledge is based on my experience as DepEd Teacher for almost 5 years. My mother is a teacher and our family friends are mostly teacher. My in laws are also retired teachers too. I have meet lot of teachers as DepED ICT trainer for more than 4 years and their sentiment are the same from Apari to Jolo. I got 4 national appearances in ICT competition and conference so i have the chance to interview some best mentors through the country. Once again, I stress it out to my reader that national sentiment is the same.

So what are the 12 little things you can do to your country dear teachers? May I re-rewrite the title since my basis if for the teacher cluster of the society? WHAT ARE THE 12 LITTLE THINGS A TEACHER CAN DO TO HELP OUR COUNTRY? The question may raise your idealism or negative idealistic ideas yet it is acceptable in the principle of opinion. I encourage you to comment or give suggestion.

Since I am the author of this blog, I have the opportunity to post the 1st  of  the "12 little things the teacher can do to help our country" and hope you can add more......

1. Discover your student's talents. Everybody is unique and not all are intelligent. Statistics shows 64% are average while small portion are consider as fast learner and gifted. Teachers are authority in the classroom. This short moment in the classroom can make difference in the life of the student. Forget the intelligent student; they will make their own way to the top. Guide the average to discover their talents and interest so that they will not end jobless one day.

I myself have regrets. I realize it when my former student asked for help. He was not able to continue college the same with many graduates. I just lend him a book and advice and he make his own way at longer path that is should not be. My mistake, in know their talents but i did not push it to the limit so that they can use it right after high school.

2. The rest are for someone who will give suggestion in the comment box.


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2. perfect your english! "The Dong's interview did not said or discuss about the content of the book." man, try proofreading next time...

TAGALOG: Unang-una, paalala mo sa mga estudyante mong sila'y mga Pilipino at hindi mga Amerikano. Ang mga estudyante sa milenyong ito'y mas madlas ng gumamit ng wikang Ingles kaysa sa Tagalog. Pangalawa, maging isang mabuting modelo kung aano mag-ugali ang isang tunay na Pilipino.

ENGLISH: First, remind your pupils that they're Filipinos and not Americans. They use the English language more frequently than the Filipino language. Second, be a role model. Show them what a true Filipino is.

Teach your students never to take their freedoms for granted. They should always fight to make sure that these freedoms and rights are available to everyone-- by helping the less fortunate, by becoming entrepreneurs and creating jobs for others, by taking care of the environment, and by voting wisely!