Students need Values Education Emphasis

The video is taken inside the University of the East Compound. While some are very concern some still have time to laugh and say ANG SAYA...


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Nakakatakot naman yan, but you're right, some people can still say "ang saya"..

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nasisiyahan pa sila sa nangyari at tumatawa pa. tsk tsk.

btw sir, pwede mo ba ako malagay as blogroll mo? na lagay na po kita sa akin. maraming salamat po!

i salute the dep ed for building our nations hope by nourishing young minds with education and their utmost dedication in sharing the knowledge they have. BUT, i discount the unselfish provision of service to the community. calling the attention of the dep ed executives. the issue is, "in the division headed by MARINO S. BAYTEC, amidst the calamity our nation is facing from typhoon ondoy and pepeng in his mandate (which i doubt he had under the table income)all schools in his division held their so called EDUCATIONAL VIEWING in the theater watching the movie I WANT TO BE HAPPY. now, am i wrong to question the sincerity and the purpose the event had served or suppose to serve? isn't it more worth to collect the money the students and the parents/guardians had spent and give it to the people who suffered from the calamity? i want an honest and just comment and most of all an investigation regarding this issue. thank you