DepED Order Guidelines in Christmas Party

The severe difficulties during the past months arising from the global financial crisis and more recently the series of destructive typhoons have tested the Filipino's resilience. Much suffering has been experienced; yet we end the year with the spirit unbowed and full of hope.

Christmas celebrations in public schools and DepEd Central and field offices should be simple but meaningful, keeping in mind the true spirit of the season and the austerity called for by the difficult economic time.

Guidelines to observed:
DepED Order No. 114 S. 2009
  • Contributions for celebrations in schools or offices whether in cash or in kind should be strictly voluntary.
  • Decorations should be simple, inexpensive and to the extent possible, produced by students and staffers;
  • Gift giving should be guided by the spirit of sharing and should not lead to extravagant spending
  • Schools or offices which decide to forego Christmas parties should consider donating the savings to relief assistance for families still reeling from the destruction caused by recent calamities
3. Disruption of academic activities in schools and delivery of Departmental services should be minimized.

Any violation of the guidelines prescribed in this order shall be subject to administrative action.

DepED Order No. 114 S. 2009


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