Nationwide Film Showing

DepEd Advisory No. 274, S. 2009.

Megawide Marketing Events Management

The Mega wide marketing is currently engaged in Events Management and one of its programs in like is file showing all through the country.

Some of the films are Angel, Dayo, Baler, Daan Patungong Kalimugtong, Ugat sa Lupa, Mother Theresa, Sound of Music and Sine Direk Series of Apt Productions.

The Screening of said films will serve as a tool for the students and views to emulate worthy values, This would also be vehicle to touch and enlighten their spirits not to mention the intent to gather the whole family while watching films.

Mega wide Marketing invites students from public and private schools nationwide to watch said films when these are shown in their localities.

For more info: Ms Flordeliza Mayo and Ms. Ana Shiela Golingan. 02-297-0608 or email address anashiela_go@yahoo....

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