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Ever heard about China letting office workers ride bicycles toward the city where they work? China is the third most populated area and also one of the most economically industrialized countries engaged in the world trade. Obviously, China has a lot of factories, but still, it is finding ways on how to conserve energy by the use of bicycles.

The second suggestion of mine is how about redesigning urban areas likely to those which the Kingdom of Dubai has been building? With their very own, Palm Island wherein three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury. Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced edifice, completed last 2005. Hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional will be thus created.  And this is the fact which clearly states that they form a city and with the palm-design, the villages, hotels, villas, and shops on islands are so near to each other that villagers would just sail towards the shops without any fuel used? And together with the use of solar energy for the lights of the houses, there would be no smoke, no fees, and no signs of threats such as Global Warming. And just imagine a source of energy more powerful than a million electric power plants.

Imagine that this energy source will never run out—at least not for a few billion years. This energy source is not imaginary. It’s the Sun Solar energy shines down on us every day. Solar energy is a renewable energy. Though you may pay a lot of money for the making and building of these wise structural techniques and ways, you save the whole humanity. So think about it.

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