Looking for the Solution of the Problem

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Looking for the Solution of the Problem

Finding new paths towards a great solution begins with the primary step. This step is the usage of renewable resources. Global Warming with its definition as well as its formation and deadly effects would not be that scarcely dreadful when one knows how to wisely use renewable energies and one’s knowledge about its source. As high technology ever grows throughout the time, smart people multiply smarter ones.

It is very easy for a person to think of a new discovery or invention by which the inventions would pollute our world. If I be given an authority to dictate solutions and those people with great powers who have had heard about it would support me, there will be a lot of paths that I would declare.

In analogy, if a businessman works everyday in the city, he takes up gasoline which is nonrenewable just to go to that urban. This does not only refer to that man but rather to all people who live far from their daily destinations. In my case, with such authority I might have, why should investors and city engineers, most importantly, the government, design a city wherein pollution is formulated if they could design another which is smoke-free? How could I say so? If the government lets all the people use solar energy for their vehicles, then it would be totally smoke-free! And within the smokestacks of factories, the gases would be released by such darkened atmosphere and even created a huge whole on our Ozone Layer. Why should we risk our lives and wait for years just to claim nonrenewable resources though we know that those can only be used once or twice and without mentioning the negative feedback's we might meet along with our usual jobs? Why dangers oneself to have energy, when we can just use our wastes as biomass energy, it is renewable and yet can be located anywhere. How cheap and weightless to the pocket that is!

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