Kill Them All

This is the allege command of the known Governor in Mindanao to his son and private army when they intercepted the convoy of Journalist and family of rival politician. Through this command, the private soldier and other politicians engaged in free killing even the victim are begging for their life.

"“Kill them all." This was the order that Andal Ampatuan Sr., the patriarch of the powerful and Arroyo-allied Ampatuan clan, allegedly gave on November 22, the day before the gory massacre of 57 people took place in Maguindanao." GMANews.TV

I can not believe that there are still people in this modern world which practices HITLER attitude. This is not a true character of peace loving Filipinos. This is neither Christian nor Muslim act too. This also indeed a work of terrorist. Merciless killing of innocent people for the purpose or power and political position.

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He should be punished for those who were killed.