Philanthropist Won a Civil Case Against known Newspaper

The President of RCBC and Malayan Insurance group of companies’ businessman tycoon Alfonso T. Yuchengco won a civil case against known newspaper - The Manila Chronicle or the Chronicle Publishing Corporation.

Mr. Yuchenco claimed the series of articles published in the newspaper which was issued in 1993 tagged him as Marcos Crony and uncaring employer. Although his name was not mention in the series of business articles but mentioning his companies eventually leads the article to his name and it was used actually to humiliate and embarrass him. The Supreme Court favored the decision to Mr. Yuchengo in the ground of malicious intent in publication of the business articles. The owner of the Manila Chronicle is Yuchengco’s  business rival and the Supreme Court believed that the newspaper was used to discredit the businessman.

The court ordered the editor of the publication including its owner to pay the amount of P38.5 Million for moral damages and attorney’s fee.

This will serve as reminder to the news agencies through the Philippines not to use their own newspaper companies to discredit not only businessman rivals but political rivals. We all know that major provincial news papers are owned by politicians.

Mr. Alfonso Yuchengco a well known entrepreneur was considered as one of the Philippines philanthropist who owned the RCBC, Malayan Insurance company, Mapua Institute of Technology (Number 1 Engineering School in the Philippines) and currently one of the Richest Filipino in ASIA. Because of his love for quality education he founded the Malayan High School of Science in Manila which focuses in science oriented curriculum aiming to become international center of excellence with graduates as specialists in the area of science and technology. The author of DepEd Teacher dreamed of having Science Elementary and Science Curriculum Oriented High Schools in every TOWN in the country. We are also hoping that  every business tycoons in the country should run their own Science and Technology Schools.

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