2010 National School Press Conference Host City is now Ready

Hosting NSPC: Tagum City is set to the national event

We make a stand, security measures will ot be taken lightly, says presiding officer Vice Mayor Rellon during the City's Peace and Order Council meeting on Jan 8 held at the Sangunian session hall of the 4th City Council.

Behind Tagum's repuration as a peaceful and child friendly city, the city government of Tagum regularly convenes the Peace and Order Council to coordinated closely with the participating agencies in assessing the City Security.

No doubt, the Asian Institute of Management declared Tagum as the 7 Most Competitive Medium Size Cities of the Philippines. As home of Festivals and City of Parks, the Department of Tourism has also declared Tagum as the Palm City of the Philippines and the Musical Capital of the South.

In preparation to the national event of National Schools Press Conference on February 22-26, the presence of DepED Tagum Division Superintendent Nenita Lumaad emphatically asks the AFP and PNP in making a security statement to ensure the public on the upcoming nationwide event.

Chief of Police PCI Giusseppe Gerald assures that Tagu is the safest place to live.  All the rest are safeguarded" he said. It can be recall the City Mayor of Tagu Rey Uy has established 5 police sub stations in strategic places in the entry and exit points of the City. The local government purchased two bomb sniffing dogs under the care of Tagum SWAT Team. CCTV Cameras have been installed all over the transport vicinity.

Army Captain Eddie Valde of 3rd Brigade also assured the Council that their Battalion has continuously monitored the areas for the student's guided tour in the eco-tourism park of Davao del Norte. All venues are 100% safe, he said.

Provincial Governor Rodolfo del Rosaio assured the DepED Committed that all participants in the coming National Student Press Conference are guaranteed safe in the province. After inspecting the testing centers and billeting quarters, the DepED technical working group has initially confirmed the hosting of Tagum City for the 2010 NSPC event.

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nice to visit your blog.
I think u are really talented teacher. do not hesitate to visit me again. have a nice day..

How can the NSPC be held in a place where human rights do not exist?

What will the National Govt do to ensure human rights in these places?

Note the report below:

Squad killers' cleansing spree spreads out of Davao - HRW
04/10/2009 | 01:02 AM

| | More Share MANILA, Philippines - Culprit on motorcycle. Attack made on broad day light. Victim's a nobody, usually a young suspected petty thief or a junkie. The recipe for execution is similar to that of Davao City's notorious squad killers only that it does not happen in Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's turf.

The elimination of supposed undesirables, vigilante-style, has spread out of Davao City. New York-based Human Rights Watch [HRW] says the cities of Digos, General Santos, and Tagum in Mindanao and Cebu in the Visayas have acquired the Davao Death Squad's style of social cleansing via on-the-spot killing.

If the Govt and the Education Dept support Human Rights, why is the NSPC competition to be held in a place where many killings of innocent people have happened?

Many journalists and even women where also killed nearby.

Its very wrong to send large numbers of young people into an area where human rights are not respected.

The competition should be relocated to safer place where human rights are respected.

Its madness to have this event in a lawless and unsafe place.

All teachers who support human rights should call for the relocation of the contest to a safer and more respectable place.

From a concerned human rights teacher.


We should support the Christian moral education our young people in the Philippines.

It is well known that Tagum had a Gay festival which encourages young people to reject Christian morals.

Young people should be protected from bad morals.

Therefore its wrong to send young people to this unsafe and immoral city.

The NSPC should be held in a city that supports Christian morals.

Concerned Christian Teacher.

October 28, 2008 • 2:26 pm 0
NEWS: Lawyers to spearhead conference to stop extrajudicial killings in Tagum
“IBP Chapter views alarming incidents with deep concern”

oct 28

Lawyers belonging to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Davao del Norte-Compostela Valley Chapter on their general membership meeting on Friday afternoon unanimously passed a resolution for their group to spearhead the holding of an inter-agency conference and dialogue to address “alarming incidents” of extrajudicial killings and summary executions taking place in Tagum City.

In the resolution e-mailed to local media Saturday, the IBP Davao del Norte-Comval Chapter stated that “for a number of years now, there has been a series of extrajudicial killings and summary executions taking place in Tagum City”, and that “these have been unabated and the perpetrators have not been brought to the bar of justice”.

“The Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Davao del Norte-Comval Chapter views these alarming incidents with deep concern as, unless steps be taken, more human rights violation shall be committed,” it said.

“The members of the legal profession were integrated and constituted into the integrated bar of the Philippines for the noble objective, among others, of promoting the rule of law.”

The lawyers group then resolved “that a conference and dialogue shall be held to be spearheaded by the chapter for the purpose of threshing out the serious problem and to come up with suggested solutions to stop these extrajudicial killings and summary executions.”

It sought that the conference and dialogue be attended by the Office of the Provincial Governor, Office of the City Mayor of Tagum, PNP Provincial Command, Tagum City Chief of Police, Diocese of Tagum, religious sectors, non-government organizations, youth sector, professional sector and press and media practitioners

A message to the teachers concerned about safety and security here in Tagum City:

Tagum City is not what you think. Our city is one of the most peaceful cities in Mindanao, much more than Davao, Cebu or even Manila. The cases of extrajudicial killings are isolated and since October 2009, there has been no cases reported. Our Police and TF North Davao personnel will ensure the safety of the participants, as this is our first time to host a national event.

We Tagumeños are also peace-loving, friendly and helpful citizens. We will ensure that our safety and the participants' safety is our top priority in our lives. The police, armed forces, LGU, Church, private sectors and the youth all are in vanguard in maintaining peace during the six-day event.

Another concern about an allegation of degrading moral values in our City. Yes, Tagum City hosts a gay festival called Binuhat Festival every August, but this does not mean the LGU support fully the third sex. The festival is conducted for the gay community to show their use in the TC community and not to show degraded morality. As a note to remember, Mr. Darwin Suyat, DepEd Tagum City Cultural officer and Tagum City Tourism Office supervisor, discourages the proliferation of gay people in the City, and that the festival is aimed on expressing their talents and skills, not as gay people, but as handmaids of the Lord and pioneers in progress.

Finally, as a young Tagumeño, I assure you that the freedom of the press is our daily life here in Tagum, and that rest assured, the participants are at good hands in their respective billeting centers.

Samuelle Marionne C. Sanchez

Editor-in-Chief, The Mover
Senior Correspondent, Tagum City National High School
Webmaster, "The National Mover": The Official Blog for the 2010 NSPC
A Proud Tagumeño

It seems Mr. Sanchez wants teachers to ignore the truth about Davao and Tagum.
This is an outrageous situation which demands a change of Government.
Why reward a place which ignores basic human rights?
Does Mr. Sanchez support this situation?

Concerned human rights teachers.

The Facts are well reported below:

Speak-out: Probe on summary killings, why only now?
Friday, April 3, 2009

THE investigations being conducted by CHR on the summary killings of suspected criminals and drug pushers bring a glitter of hope that civilization will soon be restored in Davao City.

But the sudden show of interest and passion of CHR to investigate the killings bring about some disturbing questions.

The killings have been going on for more than 10 years with impunity and some incidents were taken up by local and international media but nothing of that sort of aggressive effort to investigate the killings was ever made by any concerned national government agency like the CHR.

Why does it have to take 10 years and for the victims to reach 800 before taking such action? Weren't 60 killings or more a year enough to establish a trend and a basis to conduct a thorough investigation years earlier? Is there something more behind CHR's investigation other than unearthing the truth and holding the persons responsible to account for their crimes?

CHR chairperson Leila de Lima says that "what is alarming" is the growing culture of mentality of public acceptance of the executions. But advocates against summary killings were already saying a long time ago that unless government investigative bodies take serious measures to probe and stop the executions, people in Davao City will get used to them and may even become proud of the city's unpatented gung ho style of dealing with suspected criminals.

Isn't it amazing that it took 10 years and over 800 victims for CHR to become "alarmed"? Is this alarm not sparked by the brewing rivalry between the city's most prominent political personalities with one or the other benefiting from the investigations as 2010 elections draw near?

If the coming elections have nothing to do with the supposed alarm, should not there be similar investigations of summary killings in Tagum or Cebu or other cities of the country that copied the way Davao City dealt with suspected criminals?

What we are anxiously waiting for is how the investigations will proceed after the two-day well publicized hearing.

Will there be courageous persons who will come out and tell all that they have witnessed and seen among a population that has learned to accept and even praise the way criminality is being dealt with in Davao City?

More importantly, will the CHR investigation continue on until persons responsible are held accountable?

Lastly, would the CHR investigation on the summary killings again silently wrap up with no concrete conclusions in the same manner as the investigations of scams and alleged military and police atrocities?

Bernie Mondargon
Executive Director
Child Alert Mindanao

A reply to Mr. Sanchez

We can understand why a local person may wish to ignore the real safety, moral and human rights issues to support his own place.

But the truth is clear to objective observers in more educated and civilised parts of the Philippines and the World, that there are fundalmental issues of concern in Tagum and nearby areas. There have been many reports on these matters. Even other countries have expressed concerns about the issues raised here.

If Mr. Sanchez is a an ethical person who supports human rights and Christian values he should accept the truth and take a stand against the recent violations of human rights there so that Tagum can truely be regarded as a civilised city.

It is impossible to celebrate Gay people and claim to support Christian values.
Gay lifestyles have been associated with spread of deadly diseases, grossly immoral behaviour and the destruction of families.

It is wrong to expose young people to these bad inflences.

We hope that Mr.Sanchez will accept the truth and lead the local call for human rights and Christian morals to be introduced and maintained in Tagum.

Its clear that a new Government is needed in Tagum.

Concern Christian and Catholic Teachers

Student Press Conference is a good venue for student to develop then writing skills. They will have a change to write professional essays in the future.

If I am correct this is an example of essay writing competition.

Sa mga nagcocoment dito na sana hindi dapat sa Tagum City yong venue for NSPC 2010..let your students who are present during the event describe their feelings on how they are treated and happy they are with us in our friendly city...

Maybe "OSANG" is quite right on her controvercial remark at showtime that we should not rely on TEACHERS nowadays, coz some of YOU specially the ones commenting here badly without knowing first the place are really ARROGANT and not a good example to their students/pupil.

As ending, all I can say to you all, visit our place and be amaze! not only in our city but to the entire mindanao! I understand the fears of war in some place but this doen't mean that all of the lands here not safe... just imagine how our visitors always say after visiting our place... "We will really keep coming back here!"



ako po si Alonzo templonuevo ng Camarines Norte,nais ko po sanang magreklamo sa isang guro na nagngangalan MARIVIC VILLGEN na nagtuturo saMABILO ELEMNTARY SCHOOL sya po ay hindi karapat dapat na magturo sa aming mga anak,sa kaimoralan nyang gawain .pakipaabot nalang po kung sino ang kinauukulan dahil hindi po namin alam ang site ng dapat pagreklamuhan.ang naturang teacher na ito ay harap harapang kung sino sinong lalaki ang sinasamahan.Ngayon po ay nakikisama naman sya sa isang lalaking hiwalay din sa asawa ng hindi legal.siya man po ay iwalay ngunit hindi legal,mangyari po ay ayaw na naming magturo pa sya dito sa Mabilo Labo Camarines Norte dahil sa mga mali nyang gawain.kung sino sinong mga asawa ng estudyante nya ang sinasamahan nya.Siya po ay Hindi taga rito.Ang alam namin ay isa syang taga Palawan.Mga army dito pinapatulan na nya at pati ang Kapitan po namin na sanhi ng pag aaway nilang mag asawa.salamat po ALONZON TEMPLONUEVO