Will Japan Accept their Responsibility to the World?

At the recent Copenhagen climate summit, Japanese negotiators were virtually invisible, at least as reported in the media. Japan is often described as playing a much smaller role in global affairs than one might expect of the world’s second largest economy. Yale University

In an American essay that I read yesterday, it was reported that for two decades the US government is courting the Japanese government to start participating more in international politics. Since Japan is the 2nd richest country in the world, then according to Americans, Japan should start sharing its technology, business strategies, political cultures and more to the world especially to the third world country.

United States believed that it is the duty of the well developed country to share its blessing to other countries that in need of help. I do not know if this is also the thinking of rich European countries but there are indications that these countries think the same with the Americans. One example is the willingness of the European countries to accept immigrants as part of their citizens. Many European countries are promoting student exchange to enhance cultural relationship and understanding among races.

These indicators are different from Japanese society. Until now, Japan do not allowed immigrants to become Japanese citizens and of course they are not allowed to vote. In one news that was released last year, A Filipino family was sent to Philippines because of over staying. Their child was born, educated in Japanese schools and bear Japanese culture sent together with her parents. The child does not even speaks local language and do not understand Filipino culture.

The American wanted Japanese government to do their American way so that it will have a mixture of culture and a mindset of Globalization rather than selfishness that might lead to racism. The American’s consider third world country as their burden but they still believed that it is the duty of rich country to help others. That is the mindset of Globalization and civilized world according to them. No question about that for me because it is logically and unquestionable. Since US thinks about it, it wanted Japan to do the same. US believed that through economy, Japan can influence the world too. It means sharing of responsibility and less burden to American economy.

On the hand, US and other countries still have worries if Japan started to influence the world through economic politics like the US does. It’s about Japan’s attitude of imperialism and its ability to create military forces that could threaten not only its neighbor but also its own allies. The worries are real because it has background. But if the Japanese government started to accept its responsibility not only to its neighbor but also to the whole world then we can guarantee that Japan will no longer think about colonizing other country.

European countries are rich because their share their resources with other society of different cultures. Americas and some of its neighbor are rich because they do share their resources too. Asia, particularly East Asia is less developed countries because it still united as EUROPE. There is one country that should take a lead for East Asia. No one can unite East Asian countries right now because everyone thinks that each country is equal and enjoys the national pride of their owned. The truth is, to be able to develop a sound economy in East Asia, technology and investment should flow freely. There is one common law in EAST ASIA that will be establish by the member states and being lead by no other than the richest country in EAST Asia which is JAPAN.

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