P 4,300 for DepED Teacher’s who will serve in 2010 May Election

The DepED teachers as well as other private school teachers who will serve the polls in the coming presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial etc election this May 2010  can expect a good compensation as much as P4,300 for their services.

The DepEd secretary and COMELEC Chairman signed a memorandum of agreement to for teacher’s compensation.

The secretary mentions that there is a need for the Government to fully compensate the teachers since they will assume the main responsibility in this political exercise. The compensation is part of the measures to ensure the teacher’s full accountability of their respective precinct.

The 2010 Election will be the first computerized national election in our country.
The boards of inspectors are expected to receive the amount of 3000. Transportation allowance for teachers for two days will is amounting to 500 pesos. Other tasks like verification, sealing, etc... will also have additional compensation that if total will  cost the government P 4300 for each teachers.

The principal and supervisors who will supervise various precincts will get P3000 while the school utility personnel will receive 1500 each. In the municipality, city and provincial levels will get P5000. In any incident which might resulted to injuries or death, the immediate relative of the teacher will receives P200,000.

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