Guidelines on School Clustering

Guidelines on School Clustering for the Deployment of Full Fledged School Head Items

1. After 4 consultative workshops with concerned groups, guidelines on school clustering are proposed in support of School Based Management. The guidelines are as follow:

a. All schools or school clusters without a full fledged school head shall be provided with an appropriated full fledged School Head items;

b. The clustering of schools shall be done only for schools headed by a Teacher in Charge within the district based on proximity, accessibility and number of teachers.

c. A cluster of at least three 3 schools with a total of at least 6 teachers shall be entitled on a Head Teacher item

d. A cluster of at least 3 schools with a total of at least 9 teachers shall be entitled to Principal.

e. A disadvantaged, inaccessible, isolated island/mountain school may not form part of a school cluster. As a stand along school., it shall be treated as special case and shall be entitled to a Head Teacher upon the recommendation of the School Division Superintendent.

DepEd Order No. 12 S. 2010.

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