Reminder to Teachers about Political Rallies

Clean Schools - Clean Elections

The Department of Education aware of the consequences of too much politics in schools hereby reiterates the Clean Schools, Clean Elections Program. This program aims to ensure that our schools and teachers are protected from over politicking. The program will be in effect for the entire election campaign period until final outcome of the elections at the national and local levels is determined.

The 2010 National Election merits the highest degree of national discipline. In order to minimize and prevent any conflict of interest situations, that can comprise our teacher's integrity, the following guidelines must be observed:

a. Political rallies and public meetings must not be scheduled during school days while classes are on going.
b. Organizers of political rallies and public meetings must first secure the necessary permits from the proper local government officials pursuant to the requirements of local ordinances on the issuance of permits.

c. School heads should remind the organizers of political rallies and public meetings to be held on school premises that said organizers are responsible in making sure that the school surroundings will be cleaned and the campaign materials and propaganda will be removed after the rally or meeting.

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