Manila Ocean Park

The Mary Lindbert International and the Manila Ocean Park;s advocacy on Love of Marine Life is now on its 2nd year. The program advocates the love and consciousness in the preservation of marine life providing venues for elementary school children to learn more about the diverse creatures under the sea and more importantly understand their part in taking care of the marine life.

In conjunction with this learning and for a better appreciation of marine life, one of the venues considered is the Manila Ocean Park. It has an Oceanarium - a massive complex housing numerous tanks and aquariums displaying the Philippines best collection of flora and marine fauna. There are 6 attractions featuring huge tanks of aquatic and marine animals and also exotic amphibians, including a walk through underwater tunnel.

In addition, there is an expansive area housing a center dedicated to multimedia and interactive marine and aquatic education, a jelly fish museum, Asian food museum and other interactive hands on games and soon to open Ocean Fountain Show.

(Reposted courtesy of inbound call center in the Philippines.)

The Oceanarium is open to the public from 10:00 am - 9:00 pm on Monday to Friday and 9AM - 8pm during weekends.

Contact Ms Tina Romualdez at 632-567-7777 or fax number 567-2309.

Deped Advisory 37 s. 2010


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