No Student - Pupils Allowed in Computer Shops and Mall

Prohibiting Student in Public and Private Elementary and secondary Schools from going to Computer Shops, Malls, Theater and the likes during their class hours.

This department is award of the prevailing situation that there are students in the elementary and secondary levels from public and private school who to to computer shops, malls, theaters and the likes during their class hours while in their schools uniforms. Undoubtedly, the said situation as adverse effect on the student.

Under the principle of parets patriae whichl literally means parent of the country and which refers traditionally to the role of the state as sovereign and guardian of persons under legal disability, this Department has to take the necessary steps to address the situation contemplated above. Thus DepEd and School officials/employees concerted are hereby directed to institute/implement the necessary mechanism on school discipline applicable under said situation, and to monitor closely those students who are absent from or cut class on account thereof. Moreover, said school discipline to be imposed should primarily focus on guidance counseling of the students involved and dialogue with his her parents or guardian.

Further, it is suggested that Deped and school officials concerned to communicate and coordinated with their respective local government officials for the possible enactment and or implementation of the appropriate legislation under the subject situation. Said legislation may be in the form of regulating the distance of computer shops, malls, theater and the likes from schools and directive to the owner of the internet cafe or malls not to allow entry of students during their respective class ours.

 DepEd Order No.86,S.2010

1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

gud day po sir, gumagana parin po ba ngayon ang localization? kasi po pang labing lima po ako sa rank. ang rank one po at ako ay residing sa poblasyon kong saan may bakanteng aytem, kasi po dalawang guro ang nag retero. tanong ko lang po kong priority po ako kasi po hindi naman po mga taga poblasyon ang mga kasunod ng rank one.