2010 Manual of Regulation for Private Schools in Basic Education

Deped issues an updated Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education for the guidance and compliance of all concerned stakeholders in basic private education.

Any existing Department order and memos such as Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools 8th edition issued as DECS Order no. 92 s.1992 or any part thereof which are contrary to or inconsistent with any provision of the enclosed 2010 Revised manual shall be deemed repealed or modified accordingly.

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7 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Has this Manual been properly disseminated to all private schools offering basic education? Has DepEd initiated an effective program to monitor compliance with the new rules and standards?

Recent statistics show that private schools offering basic education have mushroomed in urban communities, mainly residential subdivisions, where proprietary or for-profit schools, operate with very little national oversight for years, and yet, they continue to enjoy preferential tax treatment, enabling them to rake in profits. Today, no one will deny that private school is big business. But, sadly, this commercialization of education has eroded our moral values. Education in its Confucian and therefore oriental cultural tradition has never been for profit and profit only.

I, for one, bear witness to this saddening development. In the subdivision where I reside, some owners of such proprietary schools offering basic education in our community are now multi-millionaires with townhouses or condo units, cars and other real properties attached to their names as their personal properties. Several years ago, they were ordinary homeowners in a mass-housing project, with no visible means of income other than ordinary employment or small livelihood enterprises. Now, they even dispense their largesse (lavish gifts such as townhouse units, and other real properties) to a few of their well-selected school officials and employees to keep their silence as the latter become passive participants in the owners’ scheme to enjoy their new, ill-gotten wealth.

Admittedly, while DepEd has supervisory powers over these private schools offering basic education, it has been ineffective in monitoring their operations, and by such negligence, their profit-seeking motive remains problematic because it is derived at the expense of the rightful stakeholders --- the pupils, their parents, and their teachers.

Many for-profit schools in basic education lack facilities required for effective classroom teaching such as libraries and laboratories, adequate computer and multimedia facilities, and the like. Instead of reinvesting their secretly hidden profits (divested for the acquisition of personal properties such as townhouses, condo units, and expensive cars) into the more prudent and desirable enhancement and improvement of their physical facilities, owners of for-profit schools simply opt to take the easy way out to cover up their padded books of accounts with expenses that do not justify their preferential tax benefits.

Parents are among the stakeholders but sadly, they are kept “out of the loop”, because the school has ignored the DepEd mandate to organize a Parent-Teacher Association that should have served as a democratic forum for the discussion of the same issues and concerns involving the school’s operation and programs.

Having a strong PTA may actually help DepEd in monitoring the strict compliance of every private school in the country offering basic education. As a democratic forum for parents and teachers, an effectively-run PTA will easily serve as a check-and-balance tool to curb private schools’ transgressions of the Manual of Regulations.

Do these schools operate with a library that has the required number of book holdings, general and specific references for high school researches, fiction literature for the promotion of good reading habits, decent library furniture and fixtures, and professional staff as required for a school library? Do they have adequate facilities to enhance classroom teaching such as multimedia and computer facilities, and not simple visual aids like posters and charts?

If only DepEd will see to it that every private school has a PTA, and penalizes such schools who continue to defy this mandate by withholding their permits or recognition, perhaps, many things will change for the better, and the commercialization of education shall be a thing of the past.

this is the reason this country does not move forward. its because of people like you. please consider that if these school owners are doing good, it means their school is doing good and parents trust their brand of education. we should be proud of these people because they are doing something for the country, provide education, give jobs to teachers and staff. parents are not forced to enroll to their school, they enroll because they trust the school. so please get a life and stop your crab mentality and help the country move forward.

to anonymous:
How about those private schools collecting Php 4,000 for computer and speech laboratory which actually dont exist and never been used by students...said facilities had been offered upon enrollment. Could you please comment on that?

Hey "Teachers"... let us not complicate the issue! If we ourselves have done our duties in our classrooms these will not happen rampantly. WAKE-UP! -- Proverbs 22:6

Fe Angela Verzosa your judgement is bias.

You should not generalize your own personal experience and apply it to all.

The school in your subdivision would thrive if there are no parents supporting the school.

Then, if it is indeed true. why not open your own school and show your way to run it.

God bless you Madam!

Ang computer po b sa elementary ay talagang kahiwalay sa epp subject at kailangang singilin ng 500 pesos sa loob ng isang taon? Bakit po sa PILMES SAN JOSE BATANGAS ay sapilitang ginawang panibagong subject. Sa katunayan may sarili itong card.HIndi po b dapat na itegrated lang ito in all subject areas o bahagi lang ng lessons s EPP? Sa mga bata din po galing ang computers kc s beauty contest pero bakit po kailangan n singilin pa ng ganon kalaking halaga.2 years n po n ganito alam po b yan ng pamunuan ng dep ed na may computer shop cla s loob ng school. Saan naman kaya napupunta ang pera n kinikita nila? salamat po sa pagbasa sana magcomment kayo.God Bless.

If you can't afford private school don't go for it. We have public schools to accommodate everyone. Who would invest in a non-profit business? Its like giving your money for charity. If that's the case then don't put up business.