DepeD Asked Parent to Convince their Children to Enroll

The Department of Education asks its students to use the holiday break in conviction their parents to enroll their younger siblings who are of school are during the early enrollment set on Jan as part of its intensified effort to achieve the 2015 Millennium Development Goal targets.

The Christmas break will an opportune time for student to inform their parts of the pre - registration undertaking of the department to have children of school age enrolled before the May to June enrollment rush.

One of the greatest challenges DepED faces is convincing parents to bring their children to schools, to keep them there and finish the basic education.

DepEd effort of providing quality pre school education involves adoption of a standard curriculum, training and hiring program for pre-school day cares teachers’ development, nutrition and health program for students, construction of classrooms and distribution of leaning supplements to students.

To encourage parents to bring their children to school the government to continues to implement the no collection and no mandatory uniform policy in public schools.

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