Tourist Spots for Teachers

Camotes Island is located in Northern Part of Cebu. It is an Island 2 hours away from Danao Cebu. Camotes is composed of 4 town and host one of the best beach in Cebu Province

What are the places you can visit at Camotes Island?

Timubo Cave which is about 3 storey deep cave and fresh water.
Entrace fee is P15 and you can swim inside the cave. It can accommodate
20 people at 5 Feet deep. The place was undeveloped so you need to take care
of your belongings since there are many visitors inside the cave.
The Lake Danao is one of the best place to visit. The beauty of bringing vehicles or cars give you the opportunity to stay longer and not rush the time. Riding this pump boat is P500 per person.
There is much cheaper ride and you can take lunch at the center of the lake Danao for only P25 per hour per person. You need to bring your own food too. There is a paddle boat there at P150 per day but of course you dont need to spend much time.

San Francisco Town Boardwalk. It is better at night for its like Fiesta everyday.

The South Eastern part of the San Francisco Town. You have to drive slowly for the road is good for two vehicles only.
Lake Danao is perfect for Lunch Time. You will be force to run once you arrive here.

A scenic view of Santiago Bay just below the Santiago Resort

Mangudlong Rock Resort has better beach resort if your purpose is to swim. Lowest standard room is P1700.

If you want is to relax then the Santiago Beach Resort is the Best at P1000 lowest non aircon room or P150 for day use. Food serving is between P150 to P200.

If you are looking for cheaper room then you can do it at San Francisco Town for only P650 per day using Aircon room with own CR, TV and free additional bed.

The customer service is super and the place is safe. It will only take 30 minutes to travel to Santiago Bay from the town proper using motorcycle or multicab. Motorcycle ride is P100 per location or rent them for whole day at P600. This is actually the cheapest Room in San Francisco Camotes Island. Just go to day use either Mangudlong rock resort or Santiago Bay resort.

3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

San Francisco Town for only P650, is it good for one person only or is there nay maximum person for that?

This is good for family use. Super sa accomodation ang care taker.Salute sa service

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