Pacquiao vs Marquez

WBO champion House Representative. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is assured $20 million or Php850m in the much-awaited rematch with Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel on Nov. 12 in Las Vegas, stories from the US disclose.

The amount is precisely what Pacquiao acquired as a guarantee when he took the sting out of Shane Mosley last May, but the Filipino pound-for-pound king must make a killing in the additional earnings that will be created by an estimated bigger pay-per-view audience.

If the Pacquiao VS Mosley battle attracted far more than 1.3 million purchases, ringsiders are more than positive that the Pacquiao VS Marquez showdown will do even greater what with the bad blood which exists between the two competitors.

Marquez is receiving a confirmed $5 million, the exact same amount Mosley was paid by Top Rank. Of course, the Mexican counter puncher is also eligible to a share in the pay-per-view.

Top Rank Bob Arum believes the November encounter will go down as the greatest Pacquiao battle ever in terms of global result and financial gain.

Arum is throwing off the marketing buzz with a press seminar at the Luneta on Sept. 3 with Marquez in attendance. From Manila, the tour will go to New York, Los Angeles and then onwards to Marquez’s lair in Mexico City.

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