Feeding Program Assistant Offered by Nutri-Asi

Private company to nourish over 700 malnourished public school learners

Some 780 undernourished pupils from 5 selected public elementary schools around the country are set to gain from a supplemental feeding and nutrition program arranged between the Department of Education and condiments manufacturer Nutri-Asia, Inc.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said the feeding program offered by Nutri-Asia would result to improved school attendance and better school effectiveness for students who usually go to school on an unfilled stomach.

“There is a direct relationship between learning and nourishment as confirmed by many studies and actual situation we discover in public schools,” added Luistro.

Students who are poorly nourished have a hard time concentrating on the training, and ultimately resort to absenteeism and falling out of the rolls.

The additional feeding and nourishment program will be put in place within a period of six consecutive months to fight malnutrition and feed back to wellness undernourished learners. The program beneficiaries are Bagong Ilog Elementary School in Bagong Ilog, Pasig, Banay-banay Elementary School and Lias Elementary School

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More Power to Nutri-Asia, Inc.!

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