3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Please investigate the District Supervisor of Pozorrubio District II, Dr. Rolando A. Amansec for his illegal activities Re: 1. Leading in a drinking spree of teachers and school administrators in his district even during official time. 2. Collecting too much contributions from teachers during Teachers Day. 3. Selling expensive raffle tickets with low quality. 4. Using some Male teachers as repackers of goods in his sari-sari store. 5. Going around to the different schools just to receive give aways and many more. Please investigate this District Supervisor. Nahihirapan na po ang lahat ng Guro sa kanyang Distict. Thank you po.

We are afraid to come out into open because he is very influencial. Please believe us.

Pozorrubio II Teachers Representative.

yap that's true. he is really unfair.