DepEd, Smart Search for Best Video Weblog

The search for the perfect teacher student tandem that will use local community mapping and ICT to convey to the unique report of their neighborhood via a video weblog is now on.

The contest is under the “Doon Po Sa Amin” project of the Smart Schools Program where teacher student teams carry out basic community mapping exercises to create video information sites that feature a community’s lifestyle and character.

The Secretary said the contest promotes ICT incorporation in basic education by means of curriculum structured topic areas while encouraging teachers and students to use community content in curriculum uses.

“This is a extremely exciting contest as it delivers out the best in teachers and students in producing a video website that details on the many aspects of neighborhood life. The topic categories consist of surroundings and disaster preparedness, arts and lifestyle, history and culture, as well as travel and cuisine.

The contest is available to all bonafide teachers and students from both public and private secondary schools nationwide.

The grand winner will receive P30,000 whilst category champions will get P10,000 each. There will also be a special award of P5,000 each for most effective video weblog design and style and layout, best in team collaboration, best in ICT incorporation and best in community participation.

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what are guidelines and procedures in joining video weblog? contact person?


How to join? The details, please...