Php 115,000,000 for schools offering SPED

Guidelines on sustaining special education at the elementary level

The DepEd, BEE through the SPED, continuously supports the delivery of quality education services to children with special needs. Now on its 3rd year of providing financial subsidy this school year 2011- 2012, the 276 recognized SPED centers will be given support funds with an aggregate amount of 115,000,000). An amount proportionate to the enrollment and exceptionalities being served by the SPED center shall be provided.

The subsidy granted per SPED Center shall be utilized to support the implementation of the ff activities of the SPED Program as reflected in the approved school improvement Plan. see details...

DepEd order 39 s 2011

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Good day!
I am a graduate of BS Computer Science last 1998 and I am studying now as a unit earner. The curriculum shows that it takes 1 year for a unit earner. It also shows that my subjects for second semester are Education 5, Education 10, Practice Teaching and 3 Field Studies. My question is, can I enroll or take the Practice Teaching subject even if I have still other subjects left? Please answer my question before i will enroll for second semester. Thank you very much. God bless..