Policies and Guidelines on the FY 2011 Allocation of Textbooks and Teachers Manuals

1. It is the policy of the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide every pupil/student in all public schools with a complete set of textbooks (TXs) per grade/year level, and every teacher, a complete set of teacher’s manuals (TMs) which go with the textbooks. In operational terms, the sum of the number of TXs allocated for each elementary/secondary school is equal to the current enrollment (i.E, the school year when the TXs and TMs will be delivered) as reported in the latest Unified Information System (UIS) of the DepEd-Central Office (CO) plus 10% to provide for possible increase in enrollment. The number ot TMs allocated for each enrollment/secondary school shall be determined by dividing the number of TXs by 35 rounded to the nearest whole number.

2. In addition, a buffer stock shall be provided for TXs equivalent to 10% of the projected enrollment of the school year. The buffer stock shall answer for replacements, for losses and/or damages of TXs, increase in enrollment, and for meeting the requirements of newly established/created schools. The school districts and high school will receive 10% of the buffer stock, while 30% shall be delivered directly to the division offices DOs), 10% to the regional offices (ROs) and 50% shall be delivered to the DepEd-CO designated warehouse. In this regard, the schools division/city superintendents(SDSs) and school heads (SHs) shall ensure that the buffer stocks are properly stored in protected places/warehouses, and that these are equitably distributed and utilized by the pupils/students in need.

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