1. The ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATION SUPERVISORS (PAES), INC. will hold an 11th Annual Convention with the theme, "ES: The Caring Educators with a Mission for Learners' Excellence"

2. The Convention aims to:

  • A. provide a venue for articulation between and among education
    Supervisors on the K to 12 Program and other pressing issues;

  • B. update them on the current Deped program and thrusts;

  • C. equip them in the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes to be advocates, promoters, implementers, and monitors of the K to 12

  • D. re-awaking their passion in achieving learners' excellence and;

  • E. strengthen and sustain the strong bond of relationship among the PAES members.

3. The participants of this activity are the Education Supervisors (ES) I (division) and ES II (region) and division/regional subject coordinators. Their attendance including the members of the working committees shall be on official time only.

4. A registration fee of Four Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos (PhP4,800.00) shall be charged to all participant including the members of the working committees to cover the expenses for the three (3) days hotel accommodation, meals, honoraria of speakers, convention kits and other expenses relative to conduct of this convention.

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5. The participants are expected to register and check in at the venue from 7:00-10:00 a.m. of Day 1, February 1, 2012. The first meal to be served is breakfast on the said date and the last meal shall be packed snacks on the last day February 3, 2012. The participants who will check in prior to February 1 and check out after February 3 shall be at their expense.

6. All PAES officers and members are expected to arrive at the venue at 3:00 p.m. on January 31, 2012 for the conventions preliminaries. Enclosed is a copy of the schedule of activities together with the return slip.

1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Why is it that attendance to convention of education supervisors is on official time only while other conventions - principals, district supervisors are on official business. Who will attend this especially with the big amount for registration fees. Better not hold this convention.