Cebuanos Part of Student Exchange Program - USA

DepED News

We are pleased to announce the 12 successful Pinoy Student Exchange Grantees for the Memphis in May International Student Exchange PRogram to be held in Memphis, Tennessee USA including the final list of Foster Parents who will host the student from Memphis, Tennessee in Feb 2012.

The 12 Successful Pinoy Student Exchange Grantees are the following:

1. Justine Craig Canares 4th year
2. Luwin Rabaya 4th YEar
3. Gabrielle Khryss Abad 4th year
4. Rhea Geralding Suice 4th year
5. Michelle Fulgencio 4th Year
6. Rubielyn Virtucio 4th year
7. Marcus Balsicas 4th year
8. John David Sanchez 4th year
9. Elaiza Maric Co 4th year
10. Man Molion  3rd year
11. Melanie Grace Impas 3rd year
12. Zen Alfred Nemenzo 3rd year

Dr. Severina B. Cbin, Principal, Cebu City National Science High School shall serve as the official chaperon of student grantees from the Philippines.

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