The Wenhui Award pertaining to Educational Innovation requires nomination for Educational Advancement 2012 with the style “Innovation in Education with regard to Sustainable” focuses on innovations in education that have resulted in noticeable changes in beliefs, mindsets, behaviors and practices in line with the idea and principles involving Education for Environmentally friendly Development.

The Wenhui Prize for Educational Advancement, established by the Countrywide Commission of the People’s Republic regarding China for UNESCO, along with coordinated by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific System of Educational Development for Development (APEID), seeks to recognize the benefits of educators along with institutions which have enhanced the potential of education and the human innovative nature to address and solve pressing issues and also problems facing the entire world today.

Two men and women or institutions from the Asia and Off-shore region will be selected by a jury regarding distinguished educators. The winners will every single receive a Certificate regarding Excellence ad prize money of US$20,000.00 at the Cina Hangzhou International Conference upon Educational Innovations. Vouchers of Merit can also be awarded to individuals or even institutions that have proven commendable innovative techniques.

Individuals or institutions in UNESCO Member Says in Asia as well as the Pacific region which may have designed and applied significant educational enhancements leading to improved access to, and quality inside, education in relation to your theme for 2012 will be eligible for the Award.

Application is by nominations only from government authorities, educational institutions, international businesses, non-governmental organizations and individuals in UNESCO Member States inside the Asia Pacific Region. All nominations should be submitted to the Merit Secretariat of the Asia and Pacific region. Almost all nominations shall be submitted to your Award Secretariat at UNESCO Bangkok with the National Commissions regarding UNESCO, UNESCO Offices and other companies associated with UNESCO, using an established Award Application Form offered on-line at the Award site.

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